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We take our mission very seriously, and we are working on our program. Very soon, you can read on our webpage, in more detail what we suggest for the Municipality of Oeiras. Meanwhile, you can read about our program below:

Environment, climate action and sustainable mobility

  • Revision of the Municipal Master Plan and protection of more sensitive territorial areas of construction. 
  • Creation of ecological corridors. 
  • Promotion of conscious water management measures, prevention of floods and conservation of the ecological value of soils. 
  • Approval of a Regulation for Best Practices for management of urban woods. 
  • A program of urban gardening for everybody, in all parishes of Oeiras. 
  • Municipal measures for protection of biodiversity, natural ecosystems, especially of bees and other pollinators. 
  • Waste reduction, promotion of circular economy, increase of door-to-door waste collection and organic waste for composting. 
  • Immediate return of Oeiras to the climate protocol “Covenant of Mayors” for achieving European targets for emission reduction until 2030 by 60%. 
  • Emission reduction of CO2 based on the improvement of public transportation, active mobility and in the housing sector and services. 
  • Municipal policies for promotion of energy efficiency and transition to renewable energies. 
  • Territory adaptation to climate changes, in a preventive method and protection of people and goods, namely through the approval and execution of a Municipal Strategy for adaptation to climate changes. 
  • Creation of the “Climate Forum” involving local important agents, including companies. 
  • Prioritize public transportation in dedicated channels. 
  • Investment in the qualification and urbanity instead of new roads leading to more traffic.  
  • Traffic calming measures, having in view the increase of road safety and promotion of pedestrian quality and comfort. 

Housing and Social Cohesion  

  • Housing promotion at controlled costs for the youth and for medium class and municipal programs that support housing and cohabitation for the elderly population. 
  • Promotion of social housing, integrated in an urban fabric socially diversified, addressed to the poorest people. 
  • Execution of a big program for rehabilitation of dwellings to assure better heating comfort and energy efficiency. 
  • Compliance with the legislation to the accessibility of everybody to the housing stock and respective accesses from public road to ensure the accessibility to buildings, including disabled people. 
  • Inclusion programs and qualification of disadvantaged young people for continuation of studies, hindering early dropout.  
  • Construction of safe outdoor convivial spaces for children and youth. 
  • Safe school trajectories around all schools of Oeiras in order to ensure to all children, youth and families, safe and autonomous access to schools, public equipment, playgrounds and beaches. 
  • A new parking strategy including a higher control of illegal parking, namely the elimination of parking on pathways, the implementation of neighbourhoods without crossing traffic in residential urban and school areas. 
  • Construction and enlargement of pathways of a network of pedestrian and cycling paths between locations. 
  • A structured municipal cycling network and a shared public bicycle system.  

Local economy 

  • Promotion of an Environmental Responsibility Pact with Oeiras’ companies, along with the creation of a municipal environment Fund having in view the achievement of measures for the reduction of emissions in Oeiras, henceforth for the support of public transportation and active mobility. 
  • An attraction strategy of socially responsible companies and green jobs, namely service supplying companies for the intervention in urban rehabilitation, of renewable energies, of water and energy efficiency, heating comfort of the buildings, of smooth mobility. 
  • Promotion of local business through the enhancement of public areas of strategic relevance for the development of street trading. 
  • Creation of the brand “Oeiras’ local product” to be assigned to products or services developed by the municipality of Oeiras. 
  • Qualification of municipal markets in combination with the local brand “Oeiras” based on the promotion of these equipments as central areas in neighbourhoods. 
  • Sustainable logistics solutions in urban centers, water and energy efficiency. 
  • Development of conditions for local agricultural production and for the generation of small and medium-sized agricultural companies in Oeiras. 

Participation and active Citizenship 

  • Timely involvement and consultation of citizens in projects that impact their lives. 
  • Information about the municipality and monitoring data about the main indicators accessible on the Internet. 
  • Activation of dynamic solutions between the citizen and the administration for occurrence management and co-participation. 
  • Transparent participative budget, with clear rules that executes the winning proposals. 
  • Effective participation of citizens in the co-management of their street, in articulation with the local parish council and the municipality, through the figure of the “Condominium Street”, for residents to participate in the management and decisions made in relation to the street where they live. 
  • Promotion of a culture of participation, through processes in which citizens are involved to discuss and propose solutions. 
  • Creation of dignified conditions for the participation of citizens and their representatives in the meetings of the municipal bodies. 
  • Dynamization of the Local Council for Social Action and support to the dynamization of the Parish Social Commissions. 
  • Adherence to the “City of the Child” network, founded on empowering children with an active, participative and concrete role in the governance and the design of a city where there is a safe and healthy place for them to assume their autonomy and play, reacquiring their rights over the urban space. 

Municipal Transparency  

  • Publication of all acts of local government and its representatives to provide online, the civil society with relevant information in a complete, timely, and easily accessible manner. 
  • Promotion of awareness and training programs about the municipal executive’s agenda, through actions to promote open administration. 
  • Training and information sessions on the democratic and economic value of administrative data. 
  • Duly sustained political choices and investments made with criteria and rigor. 
  • Transparent accounts, at the service of the common good. 
  • An open municipal administration, close to people and communities, with online availability of public processes. 
  • Strengthening of the autonomy and the role of the parishes as proximity bodies. 
  • Participation of the population in local decision making through the implementation of a Municipal Master Plan (known as PDM), Detail Plans and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (known as PMUS) developed with the citizens, in a cycle of institutional policies, in a transparent, regular way, and with the participation of all local actors; town hall, associations and citizens. 

 Education, Science, Culture and Heritage 

  • Promoting partnerships with Universities and Research and Development Centres with a view to establishing interaction platforms between scientific hubs and school communities so that the municipality can directly benefit from lines of research in the various areas that are underway. 
  • Incorporation of a Scientific Council and a Network of Scientific Advisors to ensure that policy decisions are based on and informed by scientific knowledge, drawing on experts working in local Universities and Research and Development Centres. 
  • The effective involvement of local cultural actors in the municipality’s cultural policy, namely in the Candidacy for European Capital of Culture. 
  • The focus on defending Oeiras’ culture, traditions, and the projection of human capital – artists, creators, cultural promoters – to the detriment of show business, and unjustified expenditure with no added value for the local fabric. 
  •  Recovering the name “Municipality of Oeiras” and promoting its identification with the vanguard of sustainability and humanism, guidelines that cut across all development fronts associated with the municipality. 
  • Activation of the heritage conservation plan approved by the Municipal Assembly in 2003. 
  • Prioritization of recovery of historic centers. 
  • Ensure the quality and variety of the meals served and food made available in schools, the requirement of strict criteria in the management of concession contracts and the preference for fresh and locally produced food. 
  • Create mobile local action teams with a multidisciplinary composition to act in the fight against school failure, dropout and violence that aim to act in areas such as psycho-pedagogical support, playground animation and articulation with social support services and with the CPCJ network. 
  • Orienting the redevelopment projects of the most degraded schools and school/municipal pavilions towards sustainability by giving priority to energy efficiency, passive air conditioning, and ensuring the installation of solar panels in at least 50% of the projects. 
  • Encourage and support innovative educational experiences, from the initiative of schools, through the creation of a municipal event open to all schools. 
  • Extend vacation programs to all young people and reinforce their pedagogical quality in articulation with higher education institutions, schools, local communities and associations. 

Well-being, physical activity and sports  

  • Encouragement of physical activity in the municipality, accessible to all ages and backgrounds, through the effectiveness of a Municipal Physical Activity Plan. 
  • Development of better conditions for sports. 
  • Promotion of active mobility in the accesses to schools, articulated with schools and local associations and parish councils. 
  • The opening of the gates of all municipal parks and gardens 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 

Animal welfare 

  • Creation of the figure of the Animal Ombudsman, to monitor the issue of animal welfare in the municipality. 
  • Realization of awareness actions in schools and other social institutions in Oeiras. 
  • Implementation of massive sterilization campaigns for dogs and cats, starting with street animals. 
  • The incentive to the population to become a Temporary Foster Family (known as FAT) with the logistic, bureaucratic and financial support of the municipality, which now holds this competence.