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public space

We defend that Oeiras must assume the example of best practices in environment, social justice, citizenship and transparency.

Environment and climate action

Oeiras must contribute for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, invest on energy efficiency and renewable energy, and adapting its territory and buildings to climate changes, preventing risks and improving comfort and health.

The nature we depend on and to which we belong is a crucial element for the quality of life of human communities.

It’s important to value water, soil and biodiversity and preserve natural heritage concerning the rights of younger and future generations.

Social Justice

Oeiras should promote equality between all citizens of all origins and ages.

Educational and housing policies are fundamental for social cohesion.

It is urgent to qualify public space and it more making it more inclusive and democratic to improve Oeiras’ quality of life.

Citizenship and Transparency

People must be in the center of public policies and economy must be at people’s service.

The Town Hall’s decisions must be taken in a transparent way and the administrative information must be accessible.

The political options must be substantiated properly, and the management of public money must be done accurately and at the service of public welfare.